Wealth and work [updated]

I’m in the process of working on another short film, tentatively titled Wealth and Work, which will (pending disaster) be finished by a week from Saturday. It’ll be part of an ongoing gallery exhibition. 

This is the first time I’ve collaborated with a writer, a close friend of mine, and so far the experience has been quite exciting. So far, the film is split in two parts: the first focusing on a guy after a job interview and the second part a reflection on the character’s unemployment and class. 

It’s something of a myth that a college education yields work, or at least work that allows one to pay debts and pursue some kind of meager existence. In the corporate world, the first thing lost after finding work is one’s college education. If one cares to study in their field, continuing education still may yield no work at all. Yet, for all of the disadvantages that Americans have, the class of servitude knows no bounds, and those born in this country provide future global generations with the grisly task of working underneath them. 

Without ruining too much, all I’ll say is that this is something of a departure for me, an exciting one at that. The dialogue (or rather, voice over material) is what will guide the film, even though I intend to allow the camera to dictate and have the first word. 

[Note: I wanted to have my short, May Dailies, uploaded for viewing, but I’m having difficulty compressing it properly. I hope to have it up soon.]

[Update 08/19/08:Wealth and Work is embedded below. Feel free to comment or embed elsewhere.]

I will be reediting the second part, mostly to record a sharper, more robust dialogue. This is more or less a first cut.


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