The unbelievable truth

still from May Dailies

This afternoon, I received a phone call from a friend, who happens to be on the board of an art gallery with me. He suggested that I head over to the gallery to allow prospective viewers in, as they were from out of town.

Well, one of them happened to be singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens, who’ve I’d admired for years now.

I’ve had a few dust-ups with famous people, but none more personal and meaningful than today. Not only did Stevens look at the working hanging in Spool MFG, but patiently sat through my film, May Dailies, before commenting on how much he enjoyed it. I couldn’t sit in same room with him as he watched it, but I peeked in occasionally, as he chuckled at the incidental subjects or spoke to a friend he brought with him. This film, made specifically for an opening in early June, is still a bit rough in my eyes, though I’m at peace with it as is.

Stevens was wholly generous and kind, suggesting that the film reminded him of some visuals he used for his BQE performance last year. I offered him a copy of the film to take with him, which he accepted, and then went on his way (to go blueberry picking).

It’s hard for me to grasp acceptance like this, especially from not only Stevens, but musicians, who I seemingly gravitate toward more than filmmakers. Today turned out to be one of those magical days, where the gallery members felt relief at outside acceptance, and I, stumbling over my words, feel a bit better about my life. It’s nice sometimes.

Sufjan Stevens filming


3 responses to “The unbelievable truth

  1. JELLIS! And Congrats. That must feel incredibly satisfying!

  2. That’s amazing! I’m jealous you got to meet Sufjan. It’s wonderful that he watched and enjoyed your film…I’m curious as to what it’s about!

  3. tooearlytoolate

    Here is the description for ‘May Dailies’:

    ‘May Dailies’ is a landscape film, specifically discovering a place through the activities happening at the time. I wasn’t looking for themes, but they came through anyway. Each segment is different, representing the three different locations. But I feel they emit the same sensibility, of lightly edited material, not refined by literary motifs or theatrical embellishments, but by sound and image. I’m not sure if it’s an experimental film or a conventional landscape film for PBS, nor am I sure if I like it a great deal.

    More than anything, I hope ‘May Dailies’ feels or seems lyrical, flowing.

    It was quite satisfying, I must admit. I’ve never had anyone, other than close friends or peers, view my work before. It was unique, for sure, and special.

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